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Note that Windows-based Docker is not supported for OPQ, so it will not be supported for RadGrad. Mac or Unix only.


  • OPQ Docker Documentation. The OPQ System contains a component called "OPQ View", which is a Meteor application. Thus, understanding how OPQ implements its Docker system will (hopefully) get you close to everything you need to know to implement a Docker-based deployment of RadGrad. You will be writing similar documentation in this site.
  • opq-docker. Scripts for installing OPQ via Docker.
  • Docker. Official Docker documentation.
  • Docker Compose.
  • Docker Desktop. Mac only.
  • DevOps with Docker. Introductory course to docker and docker compose.
  • banjerluke/meteor-dockerfile. Self contained Meteor dockerfile. Could be useful contrast to the OPQ Meteor dockerfile.
  • Docker Desktop on Windows. Tutorial to install and use Docker Desktop on Windows through Windows Subsystem for Linux 2 (WSL 2).
  • Windows Insider. Optional. May be necessary to obtain Windows 10 Home 19018(+) for Docker Desktop on Windows.

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