Fall 2021 Project Goals

Our goals for Fall 2021 are the following

1. Deploy RadGrad into the ICS Department


  • Redesigning the newsletter.
  • Integrating RadGrad into the advising process.
  • Other departmental activities: RadGrad Street Team, Department Awards or other recognition.

Lead Developers:

  • Cam
  • Philip

Related issues:

2. Deploy RadGrad into the Computer Engineering program


  • Enhance the development fixture script to support hypothetical Comp Eng students
  • Review and improve Comp Eng Interests, Career Goals, Courses, and Opportunities.
  • Enhance the STAR download script to support Comp Eng instance uploads of student data.
  • Deploy a production version of radgrad-comp-eng.design by September 25.

Lead Developers:

  • Jatin
  • Cam

Related Issues:

3. Internship integration

This involves:

  • Running scrapers each week to keep them up to date and working
  • Redesigning scrapers to be instances of a Scraper abstract class.
  • Design scrapers so that they can be used for to generate either CS or Comp Eng internships depending upon a configuration file
  • Make scraping sequential, not parallel, which may improve reliability
  • Design and evaluate algorithms to match Internships to Interests
  • Implement the Internship import mechanism for RadGrad
  • Implement the Internship UI in RadGrad

Related issues:

Here is some background reading on InternAloha integration with RadGrad.

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