Guided Tour of the RadGrad Demo Instance

This chapter provides a brief introduction and guided tour of the RadGrad "UHM/DEMO" instance, a "sandbox" version of RadGrad that allows prospective users of RadGrad to login as a variety of users to get a more realistic sense for the user experience.

Please note that RadGrad is under continuous development, and so the live UHM/DEMO instance may differ in slight ways from the screen shots in this chapter. Also, since it is possible for people to login and then change the state of users, the state of UHM/DEMO might differ in small ways from what you see here. We will re-initialize UHM/DEMO occasionally, but it's fine for folks to play around with the state of users in order to better understand how things work.

UHM/DEMO defines the following users with the following roles:

  • 1 admin (
  • 3 advisors (,, and
  • 16 faculty (including,, and
  • 9 students (,,,,, and,,, and

It also defines approximately:

  • 20 Career Goals
  • 80 Interests
  • 50 Opportunities
  • 100 Courses

The advisor and faculty user definitions loosely reflect actual faculty at the University of Hawaii Department of Information and Computer Sciences (ICS), and the Career Goal, Interest, Opportunity, and Course definitions are all taken from a recent snapshot of the production RadGrad database for the ICS Department.

However, the student definitions in UHM/DEMO are totally hypothetical. They are defined in such a way as to illustrate students at various points in their academic program. Note that there are actually five "Dora"s, which makes it easier for multiple people to work through this demo at the same time.

Demo Dive

This chapter is best used "interactively": please obtain the password for the UHM/DEMO instance, and then login to and explore the system as you read through the accompanying pages. The screenshots are just examples and there are additional features you can discover by interacting with the system.

The next 10 pages take you through the major features of RadGrad from the student perspective. The last half dozen pages will show you the additional features available to Faculty and Advisors. To understand the capabilities of Faculty and Advisors, it's best that you first be familiar with the system from the student's point of view.

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