Choose your Opportunities

The last High Priority checklist item involves Opportunities:

Opportunities represent extra-curricular activities that help you progress toward one or more Career Goals and/or learn more about a specific Interest. The set of Opportunities are curated by faculty members to ensure quality and relevance.

The Opportunities Explorer page

The Opportunities Explorer is one place where the time you spent selecting Interests and Career Goals starts to pay off. While the page, by default, sorts Opportunities alphabetically, click the "Recommended" radio button to sort them based on matching Interests. For example:

The Opportunities Details page

When you've found a potentially interesting Opportunity, click on the "See Details/Add to Profile" to learn more about it:

Similar to Courses, you can potentially read reviews of this Opportunity if students already participated in it previously.

Now spend some time with the Opportunity Explorer and add 6-10 Opportunities to your profile.

Goal for this tutorial page

Before going to the next page in this tutorial, please add at least 6-10 Opportunities to your profile.

As with Courses, just adding them to your profile won't eliminate this High Priority checklist item. Let's fix that next!

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