Changes in RadGrad will overall be made to data of RadGrad to account for Computer Engineering classes, experiences and opportunities. This iteration of RadGrad will take into consideration of the "concentration" that are in computer engineering and their classes. It would also show recommended opportunities, experiences, and classes based on the concentration selected by the user. User is also able to change their concentration in the current About Me tab.

Explore Tab

The explore tab covers three sections of RadGrad: Career Goals, Courses, and Interests. Career Goals allow the user to view different professions in the discipline. Currently in RadGrad for Computer Science it shows all possible job titles a Computer Science major would be able to do. For Computer Engineering we will be taking that replacing it with Computer Engineering jobs that are in the discipline. Ideally what would be good is the application showing jobs that are related to the users concentration.

In computer engineering most of the classes are set by College of Engineering for accreditation with ABET. This leaves students in the program with 3 technical courses and 3 projects. The aim with the courses section in RadGrad is to be able to get students to pick three technical electives students will enjoy. In order to reach that goal the courses section will show all classes that count for Technical Electives and will also keep the review functionality from RadGrad CS. Eventually it will tie in with the users Computer Engineering concentration. Interests will stay the same as it was in CS RadGrad except it will display Computer Engineering insterests instead.


Currently in Computer Engineering it is very difficult for a student to discover opportunities. Currently the head of Computer Engineering, Galen Sasaki, emails them out to upper division students in the program that are taking his classes. In order to make it easier for students to see these opportunities, the head can insert the opportunities into RadGrad and set the requirements and other information that can help students. Currently, opportunities are sorted by: Recommended, Alphabetic, Experience, and Innovation. Recommended selects oppotunities based on interest of the student. Alphabetic shows all opportunities in alphabetic order. Experience and innovation show opportunities based on which opportunities give a higher Experience or higher innovation towards ICE points. To improve this, the recommended sort option will take into account the user's concentration in the computer engineering program.

Degree Planner

Currently Degree Planner on RadGrad for CS shows all the classes that the user has currently taken and then the user can add to their planner which courses they have an interest in. For Computer Engineering this will remain relatively the same. It will also show the user the EE classes that are missing from the plan for graduation. As students have to take three project classes in order to graduate from Computer Engineering when a student views a project class it will point them in the direction of professors who have research interests in the area the student has interests in so it can help students find x96 projects easily. It will also provide them a portal to the VIP projects that can be taken up by students.

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