Getting Started with RadGrad Development

This section provides documentation for new developers on how to get started doing development on RadGrad.

RadGrad development is based heavily on the skills and tech stack used in ICS 314, Introduction to Software Engineering. If you have not taken this course, then you might find it useful to review some of the material:

For information on Javascript, please review the modules JS 1: Basics, JS 2: Object Orientation, and/or JS 3: Functional Programming.

For information on git, GitHub, and GitHub Desktop, please review the Configuration Management module.

For information on our tech stack for front-end design, please review the modules on Semantic UI and React.

For information on our development process, called "Issue Driven Project Management", please review the Project Management module.

By far the most complicated aspect of our tech stack is Meteor. ICS 314 splits the material up into three modules: Meteor 1, Meteor 2, and Meteor 3. That said, if you have prior experience with web application development, you might want proceed as follows: