Reference Guide

Each script has some minimal documentation made available by calling it with the --help parameter. The following sections include the output from these scripts at the time of writing. Run the command again for updated documentation if available.


Converts a RadGrad1 database to RadGrad2 format. For more information, see How to Convert a RadGrad1 database to RadGrad2.

$ node js/convert-dump.js --help
Usage: convert-dump [options] <radgrad1DumpFile> <outFileName>
Parse a RadGrad1 dump file and create a new one in RadGrad2 format.
radgrad1DumpFile A pre-existing RadGrad1 database dump file
outFileName The name of the RadGrad2 database dump file to be created
-h, --help display help for command


Download data from STAR. After this, use create-star-download to extract RadGrad data. For more information, see How to update student STAR data.

$ node js/download-bulk-star-json.js --help
Usage: download-bulk-star-json [options]
Request user, password, and email info, then download STAR data. emails.txt must have student email addresses, one per line.
-h, --help display help for command


Create RadGrad data from a STAR download file. For more information, see How to update student STAR data.

$ node js/create-star-download.js --help
Usage: create-star-download [options] <starDataFile>
Parse a STAR data file and output a JSON string with RadGrad student and courseInstance data.
starDataFile A file containing STAR data produced by the download-bulk-start-json script.
-h, --help display help for command


A one-off script to parse a RadGrad fixture file. May contain useful code that can be adapted for future scripts.

$ node js/manage-fixture.js --help
Usage: manage-fixture [options] <fixtureFile>
Extract the academic years referenced in a fixture file. Print results to console.
fixtureFile A file containing RadGrad1 data.
-h, --help display help for command


A one-off script that was used to generate data for a publication on RadGrad1. Could provide useful code for future offline analysis.

$ node js/analyze-data-dump.js --help
Usage: analyze-data-dump [options] <dumpfile>
Parse a RadGrad1 database dump file to generate statistics on student usage.
dumpfile A RadGrad1 database dump file
-h, --help display help for command
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