What's next

Well, even through we've covered a lot of ground in this new user tutorial, there's more to learn about RadGrad. For example:

  • We've talked about "planned" points, but not about "earned" ones, which actually change the number appearing in your myICE dashboard (and which is required for you to achieve new Levels). For courses, we'll take care of this automatically. For opportunities, you'll need to request verification.

  • You've seen examples of Reviews, but once you start completing Courses and Opportunities, we hope you'll start contributing your own (hint: you can't get to Ninja level if you don't provide any reviews!)

  • We will be integrating support for InternAloha soon, which will recommend Internships based on your Interests and Career Goals.

We'll help you with all of these things when the time comes. As a member of a RadGrad instance, you'll receive occasional newsletters from us with helpful tips. And, you'll see that your Home page will refresh with new checklist items from time to time to help keep you on track.

Thanks for reading this far, and good luck with your studies!

Goal for this tutorial page

Absolutely nothing. You're done!

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