Improve your degree experience with myICE

RadGrad provides a mechanism called myICE to help you develop a well-rounded degree experience. In RadGrad, a "well rounded" degree experience is one in which you engage in activities that give you the chance to perform Innovative thinking (I), to develop Competency (C) of various types, and to have real-world workforce Experiences (E). RadGrad is designed so that if you earn 100 I, C, and E points by the time you graduate, you should be well-rounded.

Furthermore, RadGrad distinguishes between "planned" and "earned" points. You get "planned" I, C, and E points simply by adding a Course or Opportunity to your degree plan. The number of "planned" I, C, and E points are represented by the colored circles: each circle becomes completely colored as soon as you have added Courses or Opportunities to you plan that yield 100 points of the given type.

You "earn" points when you have completed a Course or Activity.

Using the myICE page

To understand your situation, click on the "myICE" link in the navbar. Here's what it looks like for our example:

This page has three tabs, one for Innovation, one for Competency, and one for Experience. You can click through each tab to obtain details about each type of point. When you haven't planned enough points, the page provides some recommendations. For example, in the following page, RadGrad suggests that the student might plan to take ICS 461 based upon their Interests:

Complete your degree plan

Now that you understand ICE, you can figure out how to add additional Courses and Opportunities if needed in order to achieve 100 Innovation, 100 Competency, and 100 Experience points. To increase the number of planned Competency points, add more Courses to your profile, and then to your degree plan.

To increase the number of Innovation or Experience points, you need to find Opportunities that will enable you to earn those types of points.

The Opportunity Explorer allows you to sort them by either Experience or Innovation, which helps you quickly find Opportunities that help you complete your Degree Plan:

So, please go ahead and assess the current state of your Degree Plan. Add additional Courses or Opportunities as necessary until the myICE dashboard shows that you have planned to earn 100 points in each of the three myICE categories.

Pro Tip

Don't just add any old Opportunity or Course to get to 100. This isn't a game, this is your future! Take time to read about the various Opportunities and Courses, and try to find things that fit with your interests.

It might take you a while to complete your Degree Plan. That's time well spent if you discover one or more activities that turn out to be literally life changing!

For example, here's a completed Degree Plan

Goal for this tutorial page

Before going to the next page in this tutorial, please add Courses and Opportunities to your profile, and then to your Degree Plan, so that your myICE dashboard shows 100 planned Innovation, Competency, and Experience points.

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