How to run the npm start scripts

We use a variety NPM scripts for development. They are defined in the RadGrad2 package.json file.

There are two scripts for running RadGrad: start and start-custom. Both are invoked with meteor npm run.


meteor npm run start is the standard command to invoke RadGrad in development mode. This configures the system using settings.development.json annd runs it on port 3200.


meteor npm run start-custom is the same as the above, but allows you to use a customized configuration file that is ignored in commits to the repository. In order to to make use of this command, there is some set-up required:

  1. If radgrad/custom/ does not exist, create it

  2. Copy settings.development.json into it

You can now edit custom/settings.development.json and the meteor npm run start-custom command will use that configuration.

Please be aware that if you want to use custom Assets in your configuration (e.g. a custom databaseRestoreFileName), you will need to place the custom file into app/private/ due to the way Meteor loads assets. If you wish to exclude the custom asset from commits to the repository, place it into a custom/ directory anywhere in app/private/. For more information on the custom/ convention, see source code organization.

Scripts for testing

There are a variety of additional scripts for testing. Their documentation is available here.

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