Leveling Up: From Grasshopper to Ninja

RadGrad provides "Levels" as a way to help students gauge their progress through their undergraduate degree program. A highly motivated student should be able to achieve a new Level each semester, and thus get to the final Level (6), after six semesters of study.

The "Levels" page provides information about the student's current Level, and what they need to do to advance. Dora is currently at Level 5:

The page also provides information about the other Levels.

Demo Dive

Click through all six tabs in the "About the Levels" pane to get a better sense for what is required to achieve each Level.

Take a critical perspective: do you agree with the requirements to achieve each Level? How would you change them to make the Levels more helpful to students trying to achieve the best possible degree experience?

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In some of these pages, you will have come across "tiles" with a student, faculty, or advisor name. Some of these tiles include a Level icon and picture, others do not. Let's learn how RadGrad represents users to each other on the Visibility page, discussed next.

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