Paying it forward with Reviews

So far, all of the information present in RadGrad has been "faculty-curated". But students can be a rich source of high quality information about the degree experience for the students that come after them.

To take advantage of this, RadGrad enables students to create reviews of Courses and Opportunities. Note that:

  1. A student can only provide a review for a Course or Opportunity that they've completed.
  2. Reviews are not anonymous. The name of the reviewer is shown with the review. This is intended to keep the reviews collegial.
  3. All reviews are moderated by an administrator prior to being made public. This is to ensure that inappropriate content does not make it into the system.

Here's what the Reviews page looks like for Dora:

Demo Dive

Like the Verification Page, submitting a Review invokes a moderation workflow, so we don't particularly advise you adding one unless you really want to explore the workflow.

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